Auto Insurance in Gillespie County TXEach driver is as different as the car, truck, or motorcycle they drive. So why should you accept a “cookie-cutter” policy from your auto insurance company? At Falcon Insurance Services, we believe in supplying our clients in the Gillespie County area with a policy explicitly designed for their individual needs. Our expert auto insurance agents will craft a policy for you, by you. We’ll let you know the type of coverage we offer and you can choose what fits you and your personal situation best. We promise to provide the best auto insurance policy at the best price, guaranteed.

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Hopefully and ideally you’ll never actually need your auto insurance policy when you choose Falcon Insurance Services. But if you ever do need to contact us and make a claim if you’ve been in an accident or are the victim of vandalism or theft, trust that the expert auto insurance agents will kick into gear right away and start our speedy and efficient claims process. Each of our auto insurance agents lives and work in the Gillespie County TX area and are each highly skilled, licensed, and certified. You’ll never be treated as a simply a policy number, rather, as a member of our family. Our customer service is exemplary.

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Are you shopping around and searching for the best auto insurance in the San Antonio, Texas area? Look no further as Falcon Insurance Services vows to provide you with the best most affordable auto insurance in the state. For a free quote call us today at (210) 647-7112 and a friendly auto insurance expert will help you right away.

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Things Not Covered By Auto Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance coverage in Gillespie County is meant to secure you from unexpected scenarios, and if you understand a thing or 2 about insurance plan, then you know that nothing is always as it seems.

Generally, exactly what is covered will be written boldly. Nevertheless, that is not the same case when it comes to the terms along with exclusions as they are often loaded with insurance jargon that you might not comprehend.

It’s for that reason crucial that you completely understand all the conditions in your insurance form before signing it. Below are a couple of things that may not be covered by your auto insurance.

Common Holes in Auto Insurance Coverage

Damage from Nature or Other Problems

Most auto insurance coverage in Gillespie County TX won’t provide protection from damage brought on by Nature– floods, earthquakes, riots, and so on. That may mean getting extra coverage for such specifically if you reside in areas that are prone to severe climate conditions.

Use of your car for business

Auto insurance companies in Gillespie County TX will always ask you whether your car is for business or personal usage. If it’s meant for business, they’ll recommend getting business car insurance coverage.

Nevertheless, in the event that you wind up using your car for business after getting coverage and the unforeseen occurs, most insurance companies will not cover the damages. If you need to use your car for both business and personal errands, make it clear to the insurer prior to signing any forms.

Other Common Holes in Auto Insurance Coverage

Medical expenses

Again, it’s important to select your auto insurance coverage carefully. If your auto insurance does not consist of medical coverage, your insurance company will not pay any medical claims should you file any complaint about your injury or that of any passenger in your car at the time of the accident.

Your car if you aren’t the one driving

Insurance plans are extremely rigorous on this. Many times you will be asked the number of people in your home that drive. In the event somebody else gets in an accident with your car and isn’t among the listed individuals, you will have to foot the whole bill for the damage repairs to your car.

Items stolen in your car

Anything stolen from your car especially if you forgot to lock the car– laptop computers, bags, phones– are not covered by many auto insurance companies.

Selecting Auto Insurance Coverage

Gillespie County Auto InsuranceIf you are looking around for auto insurance coverage, guarantee that you get at least three different quotes from various auto insurance companies.

It is very important that you go through each quote and treat it as crucial as you would a Prenup or divorce document. This way, you will understand everything that is contained in the insurance form and what your auto insurance provider is liable for.

If anything is not clear, make sure that you consult your insurance representative, lawyer or an expert in the auto insurance industry.


Understanding every little detail in your auto insurance plan can be the difference between you needing to spend thousands of dollars you don’t have or having the assurance that everything will be looked after by your auto insurance provider. Make a smart choice.

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