Do You Understand Your Car Insurance Policy?

It can be difficult to understand car insurance at times, with all the auto insurance terms that the providers use. The first thing you need to know if you are going to understand car insurance is not having enough insurance is never good in any incident, However not being to pay for your coverage is not good either. You will need some form of car insurance to drive on public access roads legally. In most states you can get away with just having liability insurance. To give you a basic understanding of what liability car insurance is: It provides you with auto insurance San Antonio coverage if you are found responsible an accident, but only for the damages and injuries to the other vehicle and its occupants. Most states require you to be insured for property damage and bodily injury liability.
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Understanding Bodily Injury Liability Car Insurance

Bodily injury provides insurance coverage for injuries and or death of other people in which you are found responsible for. Coverage will be provided for things like loss of income, pain and suffering, hospital visits and doctor bills.

Understanding Property Damage Liability Car Insurance

Property damage liability insurance is if your car damages another persons or even city property – fence, fire hydrant, houses or yards. So that is why we recommend adding property damage coverage to your car insurance coverage.

Understanding Uninsured and Underinsured Car Insurance

First is uninsured car insurance coverage, Lets say you are involved in an accident and the other driver has the minimum amount of insurance coverage allowed by the state… now you are pulling out of your drive way and WHAM ! they smash in to your new BMW and then swerve through your newly landscaped yard and smash right through your front door . . .. keep in mind, they are uninsured. Now after a scenario like that I am sure you can understand why having uninsured car insurance insurance coverage is a good idea.

Next we have underinsured car insurance coverage. Using the same scenario as above, however this time the driver has just enough coverage to pay for the landscape job that was just completed in your front yard. So, you are still left with a wrecked BMW and a demolished front door, who is going to cover those costs? Hopefully you have underinsured car insurance coverage and your insurance provider will pick up the rest of the repair costs from where the insurance providers for the driver that was responsible left off. This will save you money by not having to pay for the repairs yourself and take the individual responsible to court.

Understanding Full Coverage Car Insurance

Full coverage car insurance does not always mean FULL COVERAGE. Full coverage car insurance refers to comprehensive and collision car insurance. Collision coverage is for car repairs due to vehicle collisions and or objects causing damage to your vehicle once you have paid your deductible. If you car is totaled, collision car insurance will pay for the actual cash value of the car. Comprehensive car insurance is coverage for all other claims filed except for damage that has to deal with collision. Glass claims, fire, flood, theft or other damage done by miscellaneous objects are covered under comprehensive car insurance.

This should help you figure out how to understand car insurance San Antonio!

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